Data acquisition software


  • Calibration (not required)
    • With flowmeter
    • With syringe
  • Acquisition and display of signals
    • Thorax et abdomen
    • Volume and flow rate calculated from Chest and Abdomen signals
    • ECG
    • Position
    • Oxygen saturation and heart rate
    • Analog input
      (example : pneumotachograph)
  • Data saved in text format

Analysis Software


  • Recorded data reader
    Four zoom levels
  • Detection of respiratory cycles
    • Display inspiratory and expiratory limits for each cycle
    • Display characteristics of each cycle
  • Signals backup
    • Text Format
    • Microsoft Excel
  • Cycles backup
    Microsoft Excel table of characteristics

Cutting software


  • Extracting user specified periods from recorded data

Rehabilitation software


  • Breathing acquisition at rest
  • Pattern development
  • Pattern display
  • Real-time display of current cycles superimposed on pattern
  • Backup spreads between cycle and pattern in Ms Excel file